3-5 August 2023, Geno Hotel, Karlsruhe, Germany
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Past, Present and Future of creating server side rendered interactive websites with TYPO3

As with most technology stacks the way of how we are creating interactive websites went through many iterations in the past years.

In my talk I want to give a brief introduction where we came from with full server round trips for every user interaction, to apps fully rendered in JavaScript in the browser, back to embracing the strengths of the web platform by letting a server render most of the HTML and only enhancing "islands of interaction" with JavaScript.

With that context laid out, I want to introduce "Topwire", an extension built for TYPO3. Topwire enables developers to build interactive websites or even realtime apps, without sacrificing the comfort and robustness of server rendered Fluid templates.

In a demo section I will show small code examples that highlight how much is possible right now with very little effort.

Last but not least I will conclude the talk by giving an outlook, what future versions could bring and how Topwire connects with other efforts like Fluid engine enhancements, Fluid Components, Extbase and the currently proposed content blocks API.


03.08.2023 16:45 - 17:30 IONOS
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