3-5 August 2023, Geno Hotel, Karlsruhe, Germany
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More Equality on the World Wide Web: Low Barriers for all

The Internet gives people immense access to information, products, and services. What is naturally accessible and consumable for many people here is often withheld from people with disabilities—the reason: the lack of accessibility. Many online offers are still designed so that people with disabilities cannot use them or only to a minimal extent. Barriers to the realization of barrier-free design and development are often additional efforts and costs, as well as the concern of the lack of attractiveness of the offer due to restrictions in the design. Last but not least, there are still only a few service providers with know-how and experience in this area - and this is even though, from mid-2025, all companies and organizations that are not considered micro-enterprises are expected to be legally required to design their digital offerings with low barriers.

As a digital and TYPO3 service provider, the Interlutions - Part of OPEN team already has several years of experience in the design and development of barrier-free offerings. In his talk, Christian Schmidt will use realized projects to provide tips, tricks, and insights into which hurdles and challenges need to be considered, which requirements need to be met according to WCAG 2 and BITV 2.0, and how essential and valuable testing methods are.  

05.08.2023 14:30 - 15:15 IONOS
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