Propose a topic, lecture, session or panel discussion

Call for Participation ends 30th of June

Do you want to present an idea or discuss the solution in a session or a panel? Or you are interested in a topic and want us to know about it so we can make it a part of the program. You are more than welcome to let us know!

The TYPO3 Developer Days need you! 

We are looking for speakers and topics for the TYPO3 Developer Days 2023. This year, we will host three days of talks, workshops, and networking opportunities for TYPO3 developers worldwide.

We are inviting anyone who wants to participate: experienced speakers and newcomers alike. Speaker will receive a free T3DD23-ticket!

This year we want to give the individual days & rooms a thematic focus. This should enable a more targeted selection of lectures, etc. Therefore, we would like to ask you to assign your submissions to one of the following categories and enter this in the description:

Case studies
User Interface / User Experience
Web components in the core

Please use the form on this page and look at our guidelines for submitting topics.

The #T3DD program is all about the community.

If you have ever been to TYPO3 Developer Days, you know it is a unique experience. Our community is a diverse, creative, and enthusiastic group of people who create solutions using TYPO3. Our mission is to make sure that the voices of our Developers and Contributors are heard, and we see the Developer Days as a fantastic opportunity to do just that. 

We will prepare keynotes, sessions, discussions with core members and industry partners, and topics you can bring up yourself.